Entry #1

A day of a Bun + Madness Scene

2008-04-18 09:16:43 by Bun-Lord

Yesterday was great. We was on a school trip, going bowling and bathing. We took the buss and went to bowl, first time for me. :) Got a strike in my first try, and then another alittle further in the game. It was great. The computers didn't work though so we wrote the scores on paper. :(
Then we went bathing, it was awesome. Swimming, going in the slide, it's huge I tell you. Guess what was the best?
The girls, oh so sexy. Haha. Was an great day. :D

PS. A small madness scene I've been working on, not my best but still.

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2008-04-19 19:13:19

no fair >:(

(Updated ) Bun-Lord responds:

I know. >:)


2008-04-26 10:50:53

I heard you play tf2.
I don't have it,but whats your Steam so we can talk some time?

Bun-Lord responds:

Also, buy TF2, it's awesome.


2008-11-02 19:05:55

join madness correlation!1